Chipotle Will Now Accept Crypto Payments through Flexa Enabled Apps

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Flexa has announced that Chipotle, a Mexican chain, has agreed to receive cryptocurrencies exclusively from all the Flexa-enabled apps at its 2,975+ branches spread throughout the United States of America.

The phenomenal popularity of the chain has made Chipotle the latest merchant to accept cryptocurrencies from its customers, who would now be able to purchase items like bowls and burritos through Bitcoin or other digital currencies.

To celebrate this occasion, Flexa has launched a special offer where all the customers get a 10% discount on their next purchase. The only condition is that they must use Flexa to process the payment. Using Flexa is easier than one imagines. To get started with the app, download Gemini or SPEDN app and head over to the nearest Chipotle restaurant. Visit the counter to scan the mobile device.

Payment would be processed in a couple of seconds with the application of a 10% discount. Flexa offers benefits to those who execute transactions through its apps. These are:-

  • Easy payments – Users only have to tap the name of the restaurant – Chipotle, in this case – and they would be all set to spend their preferred cryptocurrency.
  • Faster payments – The network takes only a few seconds to process a transaction once the mobile phone is scanned at the time of making the payments.
  • Nationwide availability – All the branches of a restaurant are normally covered, making it convenient for customers to make the payments through a single source.
  • Carbon balance – Flexa maintains a carbon-negative network by balancing its carbon emissions of blockchain and operating activities with verified & high-quality carbon offsets.

Flexa stated that the team was excited to work alongside Chipotle to help further the acceptance of digital payments through its innovation. Flexa added that it now looks forward to enabling more payment options for Chipotle in the coming times.

The team spent hours designing Flexa from scratch to solve the problem of accepting digital currencies. Courtesy of those efforts, Flexa is now the first network to offer 100% digital transactions.

Unlike a financial institution, Flexa does not share any sensitive account information. All the transactions on the network are protected by a unique digital authorization code that is end-to-end encrypted. The safety of customers is prioritized through a specially designed guarantee payment value against all the major types of frauds like breaches and hacks.

Foreign transaction fees are now a thing of the past with Flexa. It operates globally, allowing users to send or receive funds from anyone irrespective of their location. Flexa has partnered with leading digital exchanges to ensure that the transactions are executed at the real-time market rate. Data of customers is not shared with any party involved.

Payments processed through Flexa are built on an open-source software protocol that is validated by third-party security audits. Customers do not have to get in physical contact with another person as the payment data is conveyed safely, securely, and with the complete elimination of the physical contact.



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