Coinbase Adds New Feature That Streamlines Access To DeFi And NFT Marketplaces

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US-based crypto exchange giant Coinbase is adding a new feature to their crypto wallet browser extension that streamlines access to decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces.

In a new company blog post, Coinbase senior director of product management Prakash Hariramani says Coinbase Pay will allow investors to use their crypto wallet through Google’s Chrome web browser to bypass the cumbersome steps required to link up with Web 3.0 services.

“Before Coinbase Pay, users who wanted to add funds to their Coinbase Wallet from the browser extension needed to navigate to, sign in to their account, copy-paste their wallet address, and manually transfer funds from their Coinbase account.

The process was not only cumbersome, but also left the user vulnerable to user error. For example, if funds were accidentally sent to the wrong wallet address, they would be irretrievable.

Coinbase Pay makes the process faster, easier, and more secure than ever before.”

Investors will now be able to couple their Coinbase crypto wallets to DeFi platforms and other crypto marketplaces via just a few clicks in one convenient place.

“All you need to do is select ‘Add crypto with Coinbase Pay’ when you want to add crypto to your Coinbase Wallet extension.

Next, you simply select the currency you want to add to your wallet, specify the amount, confirm the transaction, and that’s it. No more switching between apps, copy-pasting addresses, and manually transferring funds.”

The leading US crypto exchange platform first announced they would be supporting NFTs in their browser wallet last December.

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