Ethereum Whales Are Accumulating Shiba Inu (SHIB) And ApeCoin (APE)

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New data shows that the biggest Ethereum (ETH) whales are loading up on meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB), the new kid on the crypto block ApeCoin (APE) and two metaverse tokens.

The latest numbers from WhaleStats reveal the investment behavior of the 100 wealthiest non-exchange Ethereum addresses.

The digital asset whale-monitoring website shows that in the last 24 hours, trading volume among deep-pocketed crypto investors puts virtual world The Sandbox (SAND) in fifth place with 115,191 traded for a total of $295,211.

In addition to Ethereum itself and several dollar-pegged stablecoins, mega-whales have also taken an interest in Yuga Labs’ ApeCoin (APE).

APE, the social cryptocurrency for the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), has seen 5,028 tokens bought and sold for a total of $90,167 over the past day following the debut announcement of its new metaverse creation Otherside.

The whale wallets are also wheeling and dealing with 3D virtual reality world Decentraland (MANA), which is one place behind APE in eighth with a daily activity volume of $81,422 for 44,219 tokens.

Dog-themed altcoin Shiba Inu (SHIB) rounds out the top 10 with nearly 2.4 billion tokens exchanged for $56,218.

Source: WhaleStats

WhaleStats also took to Twitter to report several noteworthy crypto whale transactions:

  • The fifth-largest ETH whale wallet named BlueWhale0073 purchased 219,332,229,787 SHIB tokens for a whopping $5,454,792.
  • Sixth-ranked ETH whale BlueWhale0097 bought 250,000 APE for $4,410,000.
  • The whale wallet Bombur, ranked 15th, scooped up 51,799,991,288 SHIB for $1,178,967.

WhaleStats also provides a broader snapshot of what the 5,000 wealthiest ETH whales are holding. Among the top 10 most popular crypto assets, SHIB tops the list and MANA comes in at ninth.


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